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Aluminium Range of MyFamily Tags are currently

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Shown here in Basic Aluminium and also Chrome.

Can be engraved on both sides.

Why are My Family products the best in the world?

Because they are based on the idea that as well as being useful, every tag must also be beautiful, precious and personalised.

In other words: unique.

This idea led to many different ranges and hundreds of different tags, depicting the main breeds of cats and dogs and many other shapes.

All perfect down to the smallest detail, hand enamelled and ready to be personalised.

My Family tags can be worn not only by pets, but also by people. They can also be attached to schoolbags, backpacks or jackets, used as zip pulls or key rings. 

Small Circle

Shown here in Basic Aluminium and also Chrome

Can be engraved on both sides.

My Family tags are so beautiful that we often forget their most important feature. They are the fastest, safest way to get your pet back should he or she go missing. All you need to do is have your telephone number and pet’s name engraved on the back of the tag, so that whoever finds your cat or dog can also immediately find you.

Our idea comes from the importance of the engraved medal which is fundamental for the safety of our four-legged friend in case he runs away and might get lost. Thanks to the medal it is possible to contact the owner. In fact, as we often hear in the news, it is not extremely easy to trace our beloved pet if he has only a microchip, also for the simple reason that animal shelter structure do not have the possibility to read the microchip.Also for this reason all the associations for the protection of the animals and police recommends to pet owners not to use exclusively the microchip but also an engraved medal that is easy to read.

Friends Range

Our Friends Range includes nearly all breeds of dog and cat, and can be engraved on one side only. Due to order restrictions there may be a leadtime on some designs.

Full Range of Basic Aluminium

There's lots of designs to choose from all at the great price of 2 tags for £10

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